Eastern Mediterranean

Turkish Air Forces intercepts F-16 fighter jets over East Med

Turkish Ministry of National Defense said on Friday that six Greek F-16 fighter jets intercepted Turkish Air Forces over Mediterranean.

According to the statement released by the Defense Ministry, the radar systems of the Turkish Air Forces detected 6 F-16 aircrafts departing from Crete Island and heading towards Southern Cyprus on 27 August 2020.

The Turkish Air Forces prevented F-16 aircraft jets approaching the area where Turkey issued a Navtex alert in the Cyprus island’s southwest and warded them off after finding out that the jets belong to Greece, ministry added.

NAVTEX is a communication device system that provides information to sailors about safety and working areas at sea. The naval forces of the countries announce the information of the training and exercises to be carried out in the sea in a certain area and warns not to enter these fields.

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