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Moscow hopes Russia’s position will be considered in resolution on Libya

Moscow hopes that Russia’s position will be considered in the resolution on Libya which will be submitted for voting at the UN Security Council on Wednesday, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya told TASS on Tuesday.

A source earlier told TASS that the United Kingdom’s draft resolution in support of the Berlin conference on Libya will be submitted for voting to the UN Security Council on February 12.

“We still have time for discussion. There are several questions which we are coordinating with them, and we hope that our position will be considered,” Nebenzya said.

Neogtiations on the resolution have been held for several weeks. UK’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Karen Pierce said earlier that London hopes to coordinate a draft that will be acceptable for everyone.

On January 19, a conference on Libyan settlement was held in Berlin at the level of heads of state and government. In the final document, participants in the conference called for a ceasefire, pledged to refrain from interfering into Libya’s internal affairs, suggested to set up a unified government and launch reforms for restoring statehood. The sides in the conflict also agreed to setting up a special commission for ceasefire monitoring.

There are currently two executive bodies operating in Libya – the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, and the transitional cabinet in the east of the country which is supported by the House of Representatives (parliament) and the Libyan National Army.

Source: TASS

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