By providing you with the historical background and the latest research we will change the way you think about the International Political Economy (IPE). We try to provide our readers with the best online education from the beginning to the very end, with a smart searchable website and easy-to-follow instructions. We are here to make great contribution to the education sphere, especially to the field of IPE. Our aim is to give a simpler foundation to the information being provided.

We believe in the simplicity not the complexity, because the website is easily accessible and suitable precisely for the beginners and individuals who are not aware of the IPE concept. Our responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of the IPE in which we operate: political, social, economic and environmental, creating a better tomorrow than today.

As we move towards our goal of being a useful website, we aim to provide helpful research on a global level. Our vision is to bring visitors into the 21st century through open education. Our page is designed to service the research needs of those seeking for more knowledge, granting access to many informational resources.

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