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Launch of the UN-World Bank Gender sensitive Socio-economic Impact Assessment of a settlement in Cyprus

Earlier today, the UN Office of the Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Cyprus (OSASG), together with the World Bank, launched a Gender sensitive Socio-economic Impact Assessment of a settlement to the Cyprus issue. The assessment was carried-out following the call by the UN Security Council, in its resolution 2543 (2019), on the UN to “take forward (…) the Secretary-General’s proposal to conduct a gender-sensitive socio-economic impact assessment (GSSEIA) and to share its outcome with both communities”.

A key purpose of the assessment is to increase the understanding of the key economic impact and social aspects of a settlement and how these may differ between men and women. During the launch event, the main outcome of the assessment were presented to and discussed with members of both negotiating teams, experts, decision-makers, diplomats, economists, civil society and business actors from both communities. The report of the Gender sensitive Socio-economic Impact Assessment as well as the presentation delivered by the World Bank can be accessed through the following links:

  1. Economic impacts of reunification presentation
  2. Economic impacts of reunification Report

Source: UNCyprusTalks

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