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Effective, Reputable, Deterrent: Turkish Navy declared Navtex in three areas in the south of Crete

Takvim – Turkish Naval Hydrography and Oceanography Department declared Navtex in three areas in the south of Crete yesterday and today.

Stating that there will be military training in three areas, it was emphasized that these areas were closed for the exercise. The codes given to the fields were inspired by the TSK’s password. The first field was named “EFFECT”, the second field was “DETERRENT” and the third field was named “REPUTABLE”. As an exercise area, Libya coast and southern Crete were identified.

According to the news in Milliyet newspaper, on the other hand cargo ships bound from Turkey to Libya, were prompted to be stopped by France and Greece twice in the past week. Following these developments, it was noteworthy that the TAF announced Navtex with a message in the south of Crete. The Turkish Navy announced an exercise on May 29-30, by declaring Navtex at four sites off the coast of Greece, and the codes given for each field were formed as “How happy is he who can say i am a Turk“.

Navtex is a communication device system that provides seafarers with information about meteorology forecasts, cruise information, urgency, safety, and the areas of exercises at sea. The Navy of the countries warns not to enter these areas by announcing the information about the trainings and exercises to be carried out in advance.

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