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Coronavirus incidence rate in China reduced by 48.2%

The novel coronavirus incidence in China have reduced by 48.2% last week, the China’s National Health Commission said Wednesday, APA reports citing TASS.

“The current epidemiological situation remains very serious, but the measures taken have brought some positive trends. The incidence rate goes down with a wave-like graph. On February 4, the biggest number of 3887 cases was registered. By February 11, this figure went down to 2015 new cases per day,” the ministry said.

“The largest increase of suspected cases happened on February 5 – 5328 cases. By February 11, it reduced to 3342. These two figures went down by 48.2% and 37.3%, correspondingly,” the agency said.

According to the statement, the share of the recovered patients increased from 1.3% to 10.6% in two weeks.

“The number of people released from hospitals grow rather fast. The lowest figure of just 1.3% was registered on January 27, but by February 11, it increased to 10.6%,” he said.

Source: APA

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