South Asia & Far East

International Court Approves Investigation Into War Crimes In Afghanistan

Appeals judges at the International Criminal Court gave the green light Thursday for prosecutors to open an investigation targeting the…

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Pakistan to hold 2-day international conference on Afghan refugees

Ministers and senior officials from around 20 countries will participate in a two-day international conference on Afghan refugees being convened…

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Police & military operation underway in Thailand as soldier kills at least 17 and takes hostages

A Thai soldier has killed at least 17 people in a mass shooting and taken hostages inside a shopping mall…

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India could be Russia’s regional training and maintenance partner as Moscow expands military cooperation in Southeast Asia

Despite Western claims that the freezing of military contacts with NATO would lead to international isolation, Russia signed deals on…

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Women’s Political Representation: Progressing In Malaysia?

The political earthquake in Malaysia that brought Pakatan Harapan (PH) into power on 9 May 2018 also shattered the glass…

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