Russian Federation

About 40 meaningful amendments expected to be included in Russian Constitution

The final amount of amendments to be included in the Russian Constitution would be known after the bill’s second reading,…

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National Projects: Russia’s New Development Paradigm

Russia’s new initiatives associated with sizeable increases in social spending and outlays on national projects as outlined by President Putin…

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Russia prepares strategy for Arctic Region

On January 30, the Russian government approved a number of acts concerned with rendering new economic benefits and subsidies to…

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Who’s who in Russia’s new cabinet following the sweeping government reshuffle

The new Russian government was appointed on January 21. The cabinet consists of 21 ministers, eight of whom were new…

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Lavrov Says Russia Reducing Dependence On Dollar To Mitigate US Restrictions

While Washington is “abusing” the status of the dollar as the world reserve currency, Moscow will continue to reduce its…

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