EU poised to create massive transatlantic facial-recognition database

The EU is laying the groundwork for a massive international facial recognition database that may someday hook into the one…

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Coming End Of Merkel’s Era: Whither Future European Leadership?

A small state parliament in Germany’s east elected a new state government, triggering a political earthquake in Germany. This has…

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‘We are building foundations for the next conflict’: Scars of war still present in Bosnia

Mostar was a frontline of Europe’s deadliest conflict after WWII and yet, 25 years after being torn apart by war,…

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Macron ‘broke the nuclear taboo’: Poland rebuffs France’s play for European independence from US

French President Emmanuel Macron sees his country’s nuclear arsenal as a military key to political leadership in the European Union,…

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Greece threatens to limit asylum for refugees heading to Europe

A Greek minister has vowed to limit protections for refugees attempting to cross into Europe and said asylum may not…

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