‘Change course before it’s too late’: Lavrov calls on Europe to reject false notion of ‘Russian threat’ in Munich speech

NATO’s eastward expansion and large-scale drills near Russian borders may lead to unpredictable consequences and it’s time for Europe to…

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Over 1,000 Russian marines land on Caspian coast in large-scale drills

Over 1,000 Caspian Flotilla marines landed on an unequipped sea coast in large-scale force-on-force tactical drills, the press office of…

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‘Military Schengen’: NATO’s Russia fearmongering aims to attract neutral EU countries into the fold

NATO fans fears of the “resurgent” Russia and drags neutral countries into its orbit, but the fact is that Moscow’s…

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Why Google Might Prefer Dropping a $22 Billion Business

For Google, a partial voluntary breakup of its advertising business might be preferable to whatever regulators come up with on…

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EU27: Towards a Club of Clubs

Following last year’s political chaos in the UK, the risk that any other country will want to follow the UK…

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