Envoy: US unilateralism in Middle East deteriorates regional security

Iran Ambassador to Tajikistan Mohammad Taqi Saberi said on Wednesday that US unilateralism in the Middle East has deteriorated regional…

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The One War Zone Trump Doesn’t Want to Leave

Donald Trump has harangued generals at the Pentagon over what he’s called the “loser war” in Afghanistan and their failure to end…

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Jimmy Carter: Trump deal breaches international law

Former US president, Jimmy Carter, announced on Friday that current US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” breaches international law, CNN and other international…

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An independent Scotland isn’t ready for EU membership. It needs a constitution first

In the general election of December 2019, the Scottish National Party (SNP) achieved a very good result and now considers…

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UN chief names four horsemen of apocalypse threatening modern world

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warns that the four horsemen of apocalypse threaten the modern world. “I see ‘four horsemen’ in our…

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