Gerçekten birinin teröristi, diğerinin özgürlük savaşçısı mıdır?

‘’Terrörizm’’ ‘’one man’s terrorist another is man’s freedom fighter’’ Asıl sorun terörizmin nasıl açıklandığıyla alakalı. Terörizm ne demek? Terörizm kime…

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International Relations: A Critical Theory From The South American Periphery

The book “Relaciones internacionales: Una teoría crítica desde la periferia sudamericana” (International Relations: a Critical Theory from the South American periphery)…

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Pyotr Volkov: Horizons of the Fourth Political Theory

After the collapse of collectivist ideologies, there has been the statement claiming “the end of history”: capitalism and globalization were…

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Human Nature in the IR Theories

In the discipline of International Relations(IR), theories always question the causes of conflicts in the system. These theories examine inter-state,…

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John J. Mearsheimer: Realism and Restraint

It has been a central consideration of mine to examine what happens when a powerful state pursues liberal hegemony—motivated in…

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