China, Russia, and Arctic Geopolitics

In late February, a Russian icebreaker, Kapitan Dranitsyn, successfully carried out a record supply run for the MOSAiC international research expedition representing 20 countries,…

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On the Decline in US Strategic Thinking and The Creation of False Stereotypes

By Leonid Savin In early January 2020, the RAND Corporation published its latest research report on Russia entitled “Russia’s Hostile Measures. Combating…

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Sri Lanka A Key Piece In The Great Game Of The Indian Ocean

Island republics can advantageously secure global outreach as well as serve as spearheads in international competition. Growing dependence over maritime…

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Caracas from the Washington’s Geopolitical Perspective

Venezuela, the axis of control of the Caribbean and the key for US to Controlling Latin America This research deals…

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The Fate Of The Gray Area In Europe

There is a considerable territory between Russia and the European heartland. It runs from the Scandinavian peninsula in the north…

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