Protecting The High Seas

Often considered desolate, remote, unalterable places, the high seas are, in fact, hotbeds of activity for both people and wildlife.…

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Africa: When Biodiversity Fails, Human Health Is On the Line

We governed nations hit by the Ebola crisis. We must tackle disease outbreaks, but also their root causes. Human health…

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Coronavirus Crisis Fast-Forwards Green Energy 10 Years Into The Future

As businesses shut down and many work from home around the world, electricity demand has reduced in COVID-19 hotspots. This could have…

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The European Union’s Green Wars

The EU is becoming the trendsetter for the global environmental agenda. It sees itself not only as a competitive economy…

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Africa: Climate Disasters Seen Increasing Conflict Risk in Large Countries

Extreme weather bring greater risk of conflict in underdeveloped countries with large populations and ethnic tensions Countries with large populations…

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