Selected Analysis

Corona as a Crown of (Neo)Modernism

There is no doubt that virologists, economists, financiers, international experts, and sociologists will study and analyze the history of the…

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Lockdowns in Western democracies are a taste of dictatorship; will our politicians give it up?

Over the past few weeks of the coronavirus crisis, democratic governments around the world have imposed stricter controls on their…

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Olympics Postponed: What Economic Costs It Means To Japan?

The outbreak of coronavirus – COVID-19, a pneumonia-like disease – that broke out in the Chinese province of Wuhan has…

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Trump’s Dangerous War on Science

In his approach to science, Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of autocrats of the past. Will the result…

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Judgment Day for the national security state: The coronavirus and the real threats to American safety and freedom

Americans are facing “A Spring Unlike Any Before.” So warned a front-page headline in the March 13th New York Times. That…

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