Selected Analysis

A World No Longer Shaped By Atlantic Powers

The annual Munich Security Conference last week (February 14-16) turned out to be an iconic event, drawing comparison with the…

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Carnegie Europe: P+P+P=C

This is the equation that captures a big chunk of the forces driving the decline of liberal democracy: populism plus…

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NATO membership could lead to breakup of Bosnia & Herzegovina

The forces of Globalism in the West are actively working toward the integration of the Balkans into their sphere of…

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Pakistan Transformed From Terrorism To Tourist Country

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is on his maiden 4-day trip to Pakistan, at National University of Sciences and…

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The Heritage Foundation: The Trump-Modi Chapter in India-U.S. Relations

President Donald Trump will arrive in India next week, his first visit to Asia’s democratic heavyweight and a lynchpin of…

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