Brookings Report: Global implications of a US-led currency war

In 2019, President Trump called on the U.S. Federal Reserve to cut interest rates to depreciate the U.S. dollar, which,…

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Valdai Club Report: A New Security Architecture for the Middle East?

The Middle East broke all records for surprise events in 2019. The unexpected changes of government in Algeria and Sudan,…

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Brazil Sees Macron’s France as Biggest Military Threat

Brazilian military leaders consider France to be their country’s biggest threat over the next 20 years as a result of…

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RAND: Understanding the Deterrent Impact of U.S. Overseas Forces

In the aftermath of Russian military aggression against Ukraine in 2014, and with increasing tensions in the U.S.-China strategic competition,…

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How the EU and Turkey can promote self-reliance for Syrian refugees through agricultural trade

The Syrian crisis is approaching its ninth year. The conflict has taken the lives of over 500,000 people and forced…

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