Coronavirus Impact: Beyond the Scope of Rationality

The negative impact of the novel coronavirus is temporary and controllable, and will not lead to catastrophic consequences because the…

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“Dialectical Dialogues”: Interview with Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özdeşer

IPE Club has held an interview with the Chairman of Department of Economics and the Founder of European Union Relations…

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Africa: Why Banks Must See African Women Entrepreneurs As Game Changers

AllAfrica’s Juanita Williams spoke with musician and activist Angelique Kidjo about her latest role in an African Development Bank and G7 collaboration, Affirmative Finance Action for…

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Universities to Track Atrocities in Anglophone Cameroon

A Canadian university has set up the Database of Atrocities for a part of Cameroon where those seeking independence are…

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«Диалектические диалоги»: Интервью с Заместителем Премьер-Министра и Министром Иностранных Дел Турецкой Республики Северного Кипра

«Диалектические диалоги» – это серия интервью и дебатов, организованных академической, научно-исследовательской платформой – IPE Club. Основная цель этих интервью –…

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