UN Development Head – Coronavirus Crisis Will Hit the World Poorest for Years

Vulnerable nations need funding to beat the coronavirus and protect human rights of the poor, says UN development head Achim…

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Guterres: We need a ‘war economy’ to deal with COVID-19 crisis

“We are living in a war situation with this virus, we need to deal with it with a war economy.”…

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IPE Club Interview Series on the eve of TRNC Presidential Elections: Prof. Dr. Erhan Arıklı

On the eve of 2020 Presidential Elections in TRNC and recent developments in the region, IPE Club team, including Founder…

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Coronavirus Impact: Beyond the Scope of Rationality

The negative impact of the novel coronavirus is temporary and controllable, and will not lead to catastrophic consequences because the…

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“Dialectical Dialogues”: Interview with Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Özdeşer

IPE Club has held an interview with the Chairman of Department of Economics and the Founder of European Union Relations…

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