Trump Impeachment Aftermath: Implications For Global Politics And Security

The US impeachment ordeal has left American political culture worse off on balance. It has had the concomitant effect of…

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Latest on coronavirus spreading in China and beyond

Here are the latest developments around the coronavirus outbreak: ** The virus killed another 98 people in mainland China, bringing…

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Valdai Club Report: A New Security Architecture for the Middle East?

The Middle East broke all records for surprise events in 2019. The unexpected changes of government in Algeria and Sudan,…

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Did Islamic Philosophy Die Out In Medieval Islam?

An outstanding scholar of India Mulla Nizam-ud-din prepared an academic curriculum for Faranghi Mahall in 18th century. This curriculum, famous…

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“Westlessness” dominates the discussion at the Munich Security Conference

French President Emmanuel Macron called for improving relations with Russia at the annual Munich Security Conference, but said it was not…

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